08 July 2009

showered with love

a handful of friends got together to throw us the most amazing baby shower! they transformed our backyard: tables covered in linen cloths, beneath 2 white shade structures on the lawn, another shade structure on our brick patio, covering more tables piled high with fabulous food!

i was in a bit of a daze the entire time, so never once thought to get out the camera. i wish i had photos to share - of the food, if nothing else! fruit, crudites, salads, crackers, goat cheeses, hummus & pita slices, cakes, & oh the bbq! the array of grilled veggies makes me drool just thinking about them.

i cannot explain how it felt - sitting there, surrounded by families who mean so much to us, & knowing they all came to celebrate our coming bebe.

to the mamas who worked so hard to do this for us - we shall never be able to find the words to express our gratitude. you truly are amazing friends.

to the families who spent the afternoon showering us with love - we are blessed to have you in our lives.

to those who were too far away to attend - you were very much missed.

ok enough mush for one afternoon. i'm off to sort through fabric bins.

1 comment:

loftygal said...

That sounds like a wonderful celebration! Wish I could've been there. :)

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