10 July 2009

looking at the bright side of life

yesterday was an ever so dreadful sort of day. we had to be across town all day; for morning & late afternoon doc appointments; so i planned errands & a thrifting excursion to fill the hours between. without going into all the ridiculous happenings, i will just say that the majority of the day went wrong.

by the nightfall i was so miserable, that i was unable to focus on positives. in fact, had you asked me then, i would have insisted that not one good thing came out of the entire day. that, of course, is not the case - but i think a bit of dramatics is ok once in awhile.

today is a new day, & though it's not going as well as i would like, i am able to focus on being positive. for example: although our thrifting was cut hideously short, i did manage to come away with 2 treasures. the footstool needs to be painted & recovered; otherwise it's in excellent shape.

the basket needs no work whatsoever - it is simply perfect. & the lid! it has slits for the handles to poke through, & lifts straight off. baskets drive me wild in general, but with lids?!?! according to our new rule, we must have a purpose for everything we bring home. i need to think of one quickly.

i'm grateful that yesterday is behind me, & that today's crud is vastly more tolerable - beyond that, i'm just going to take the day as it comes. not an entirely pollyanna attitude, but at least i'm looking at the bright side of life. mostly. ish.

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