07 August 2009

in which kat breaks the no-photo rule

but really, how could i resist?

this is lemondrop (settle down, it's only his nickname) - so called due to dealing with 5 days of nasty jaundice issues. i will spare you kind-hearted bloggers the stuff we, & he, went through, & skip right to the part where he is perfectly well :-)
he is as sweet as can be, and we're all madly in love. mostly he sleeps; when he is awake, he's very alert, & either scowls or grins at us.
thehobbit misses the routine of his former life, but dotes on his brother - even getting up in the night to help. it's so far as we suspected it would be: a little sadness amid the blinding joy of being a big brother.
that's all the time i have for chatting today. my posting most likely will be less often than i'd like for the next week or so; but i shall pop on when i can. i hope you're all well, & enjoying summer (winter for those down below).


~Phoenix~ said...

what a sweetie, does he have sherbet in the middle?

Kathleen said...

He's so gorgeous!

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