15 July 2009

& the winner is...

it would seem i have won yet another coveted award. this time it was for having the most horrid pestilence one can have during the last few weeks of pregnancy. yes, 'tis true my dearest one & only reader - i have spent the last few days miserable, coughing up lungs & all sorts of things. the doc gave me wonderful drugs, but i'm only allowed to take them at night; so i can sleep. blah.

is this fate's way of forcing me to take it easy? a bit extreme if you ask me. i mean i know i'm not fabulous at taking it easy, but really now.

other than trying desperately to make it through each day, i do very little. mostly i stare at this:

i would love to toss the box into the recycling bin, but as you can see - it's being used.

thehobbit has always been drawn to boxes. i thought he'd eventually outgrow it, but clearly that isn't the case. i was near to insisting the box be taken out of the house when i was run over by the pestilence. now i'm considering paying it - what does a nanny charge these days?

as i type he is again in the box, & again reading the book pictured. it's a joke book, which i foolishly lovingly bought him yesterday at the pharmacy. hed been simply miserable seeing me so ill, & being unable to play with me or snuggle me, so i thought a bit of silliness would help.

i was right by the way, he's been having such fun reading & telling jokes. did you get that last bit? telling jokes. to ME. i didn't think about that when buying the book. holy maude but i want to run the book through the paper shredder.

so that's the latest from thebelfry. i hope you & yours are feeling vastly better than i. before i go here is a snippet from earlier today:

th: hey mama? mama? mama! why did the chicken cross the playground?

k: (barely audible grunt)

th: to get to the other slide! get it mama?! side? slide? hahahahahahaha slide.



asti said...

Ohhh dear ! That sounds ghastly. Hope you are feeling slightly on the up now ? The last bit of pregnancy is tiring enough as it is ,without that on top. (and the jokes ;).
Take it easy....x

kat said...

thanks asti :-)

the cough is horrific, but at times the jokes are more painful.

rubelin said...

ye gods, we must send our eldest boys into the back yard with their joke books and they can annoy one another. B got one recently and he's driving me INSANE!

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