18 July 2009

oh how they grow (& don't)

i've been noticing subtle changes in my wee hobbity lad. no physical signs that puberty is on the horizon, nor major personality alterations; merely little glimpses into a newer version of who he has always been.

i say it that way, because the new things about him don't seem to be taking the place of anything. he's asking if he can help around thebelfry & farm more, but still needs prodding with a hot poker to pick up his room. he now cares desperately about spelling & penmanship when writing letters or emailing friends, but still comes to show me everything he/they wrote. i've overheard him having serious discussions with friends, then turn around & squeal ooh look at the puppy!

i find these subtle changes vastly easier to accept than the larger milestones; these i can handle without my heart breaking. it would be lovely if children grew up in little bits, yet always remained the same. i don't really mean that of course; i want my boy to be a real man one day; i just wish that these little boy years weren't so fleeting.

one thing that shows no sign of changing anytime soon is his love of toys. doc & her family came to visit last night, & brought him the most adorable prezzie. he snuck it out to dinner, & has been toting it around all day.

it's a wind-up robot pencil sharpener! one can make the robot walk by winding him with the key, or by sharpening a pencil. how clever is that? of course he's named the robot sharpie; because he still names things by how they look, or what they do. someone tell me please: when does that stop? at what age do they start naming things actual names?

i wonder in what ways he'll grow (& not) once his brother is born. will he become a little daddy, or will he become more firmly an 11yo? is it possible for him to do both? i hope so.


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