11 July 2009

oddly no,

i am not carrying twins. it does look it, but there's just the one in there. what's worse is that i look even larger in person. impossible you say? i would have thought as much; once upon a time; but 'tis true.

we had planned on decorating my gigantic belly this weekend, but that plan had to be set aside. it would seem that some person; who may, or may not have been me; did not put any sunscreen on her bikini-clad self yesterday, & is now sporting quite the sunburn. manlyman said my belly now looks like "bob the tomato" from "veggie tales". sexy, no?
that's all the time i have for today's chat. we have dear friends coming over to bbq later, & i've got to get my veggies prepped. i hope your weekend is a lovely one, & please!!!! if your belly hasn't seen the sun in a decade or more - wear sunscreen.


Kathleen said...

You look gorgeous! And just as you're supposed to!

kat said...

thank you kathleen!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I really like looking at your blog. Sometimes I do it when I *should* be working,LOL.

But I gotta say. There ain't nothing wrong with looking large.


kat said...

thank you elaina :-)

as it is a hobby of mine; it's always nice to hear i help others procrastinate!!!!!

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