16 July 2009

my new best friend in a cup

this is what got me through all of yesterday, & today:

lemon & honey tea. my doc suggested it (as did oddsox & paper), to help me muddle through the daytime without any meds. then early yesterday paper lovingly left a bag of lemons on my porch, for which i'm ever so grateful.
i have to say that i've grown quite sick of the taste of hot lemon & honey, but i'll stick with it because it does work. i need to get more ice cream honey today though; so shall have to brave the world beyond my little belfry.
i'm going to use the power of positive thinking to make me all better by tomorrow because: a) i'm beyond sick of being sick, & 2) we have dinner plans with friends i haven't seen in ages. clearly both excellent reasons for getting well quickly.
& now i'm off to make some more of my new best friend. what are you doing today?

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