22 June 2009

today's tale of woe

today was set aside for getting all the belfry to-dos finally to-done. that was my plan, though my body most heartily disagreed. i managed to do a few minor things, but even those had me stopping every few minutes, to rest on the couch.

apparently it's time for me to slow down, & accept that i'm going to have to ask manlyman to do vastly more than i'd like. neither shall be easy for me. especially the latter, as manlyman already does so much when home.

this is the reason for my current tale of woe:

behold the most gigantic belly that ever there was. oh that's not so large you say. but oh! you forget that i am quite petite. on my frame, this belly is large. it shades small faery villages when i waddle out for some fresh air.
not content to be merely gigantic, my belly is also freakishly heavy. at times i wonder if my wee bebe is as competent a rock collector as is his big brother. it's just impossible that all i'm carrying in there is a teeny little creature - it's just much too heavy to be so.
& that my blog friends, brings today's tale of woe to a close.
ps - all is not doom & gloom here. we had a lovely daddy-o day, & celebrated summer's beginning with food, togetherness, & laughter.


maltagirl said...

such an impressive belly indeed! I love it. ask for all the help you need mama, you have many friends who would be there in a heart beat!

kat said...

thanks soap :-)

belleandboo said...

my what a belly x

kat said...

mandy ~ that about sums it up "what a belly". the thing is gigantic really.

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