06 June 2009

coffee break

just popped on to say hello. i'm taking a break from sorting through the horrific wreck that is my studio. if you recall from a few months ago, this is the room that has become the drop-off place for anything & everything.

it's going to take quite some time to sort through, but i'm not daunted. i've many bags & boxes at the ready, as well as a hobbity helper. most likely this room shall yield the most items for the challenge.

i'm excited by that, because it means i'll end up with more space in my studio! it's cramped in here, even without the piles & stacks & family of trolls. we're even moving a bookcase out (no yelling at me. by 'we' i mean 'they'), to make way for deep shelves. woohoo - no more fabric stored in bins!

my break has come to a quick end. time for me to get some food into thehobbit (you know, before he starves unto the very brink of death), then back to sorting.

wait! before i pop off, look at what i made this morning:

i cannot show you it in its entirety, because it's a prezzie. it was made from an old skirt, some of my favorite velvet ribbon, & (lined with) wool felt.

have a gloriously happy saturday!!


rubelin said...

ooooh, I lurve that whatever-it-is =) verra pretty!

kat said...

thanks rube :-)

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