15 June 2009

when manlyman is away...

... the kat shall play - thehobbit & i went thrifting this morning! there was so much from which to choose; & though i wanted it all; i was very well behaved. i only cried a teeny bit at having to leave so many treasures behind. wretched decluttering challenge.

one thing we did not leave was this fabulous $5 item:

we're going to clean the valet, & give it to manlyman for fathers' day! i'd love to paint & distress it, but i haven't the energy time. he's very difficult to buy prezzies for; so thehobbit & i were beside ourselves when we came upon it. you see, he is quite the dandy, that man of mine. he irons his work clothes each night, then hangs the outfit in the laundry room (belt & shoes set out as well). how could he not love his very own valet?

we also went to the local nursery to replace what the earwigs had decimated, & what never sprouted from seed. our little farm's newest inhabitants are: 2 more tomatoes, 2 cucumber, & 2 watermelon. each year i try to plant something we'd not yet attempted. this year it is watermelon; wish us luck!
& now i'm off to rest for a time. playing whilst huge with child is exhausting.

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