27 June 2009


has finally made an appearance. those who've been reading for some time will remember that i don't do well when temperatures go higher than 70f soar to ridiculous heights. still, i do want my summer veggies to grow, so am content with the change in the weather. for now.

thehobbit is thrilled for the coming of warmer days. he loves playing in water, making ice cream & pops, bbqs, heaping bowls of melon, & the spirit of summer. in that way he is more like his daddy-o. not that i don't love those things as well, it's just that i'm more of a spring-gal.

to celebrate the season we bought a new kiddie pool last weekend, in which he spent most of his time. until he got his first nasty sunburn, that is. since then he's played at the pool, but hasn't gone in. this is a good thing really; because the water became foul rather quickly. we've begun emptying the pool; by the bucket-full; into the gardens, but it's slow-going.

i will say that one thing i do love about summer is the light. coming in through our many windows, the sunlight seems almost magical.

what do you like best about summer?

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