02 June 2009

the most boring post that ever there was

after yesterday's very busy day, i had hoped to wallow in laziness today. as usual, my plans were thwarted. instead we played, crafted, cleaned, filled another donation bag, & worked on a homeschool project.

i did manage to sneak in an hour-long tv snuggle with my hobbity one (thank you martha stewart!), so the day wasn't a total whirlwind.


for some reason i've been forgetting to take my camera when out & about, so had no photo to share. no interesting photo, that is. seeing my camera on the desk, i decided to just snap a shot of what i see when chatting with you. oh yes kat, as if that is interesting.

what does this photo say about me? well it says that i desperately need a new wall calendar - the one pictured is still last year's. it also indicates i run a dinkie gnomie orphanage, love harry potter, & haven't used my web cam in ages. wow that is one dusty web cam.
you'll notice oven fries in the google box, which says that i got frustrated with manlyman's unwillingness to go get some fries for me, & actually made them myself. they were pretty good, if i do say so myself. which apparently i do ;-)
now that i've lulled you all to sleep, i'll be on my way. sweet dreams!

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