03 June 2009

a snail

i don't believe that boys are made of snakes & snails & puppy dog tails; but my number 2 boy shall have a blankie partially made of a snail. i knew once i'd sewn the blankie that i'd need a patch to cover a wee hole i'd not seen when cutting the fabric bits.

enter, monsieur snail:

he was embroidered eons ago; well before getting knocked up; but i never knew what to do with him. this afternoon i trimmed the patch down, & sewed him over the hole. henceforth shall this blankie be known as the snail blankie. (so says thehobbit.)

i still need to sew my diaper bag, some changing mats, a few fabric cubes (with bells inside), as well as some other baby items - but at least i have monsieur snail.
off to get ready for craft night!

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