18 June 2009

tea for me

last night i was treated like a princess! the dragonfly artisans took me to a tea room, to celebrate my upcoming bebe. i had neither blessingway, nor shower for thehobbit, so was giddy with delight at being pampered so.

they gave me poetry, prezzies, & beautiful beads (to create a birthing necklace); followed by a scrumptious supper.

i had a spinach/artichoke pie with chips. the pie was amazing - i salivate each time i think about it.
if you're ever in santa monica, you really must go to there for supper (i haven't been for tea). not only is the food outstanding, the owner & her son were delightful. btw: oddsox is a brit, & was thrilled by the food; so i imagine it was proper british fare. i wouldn't know, as i only play a brit on tv ;-)
what did i ever do to deserve such loving friends?
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