19 June 2009

what? again?

yes my one & only reader, i went to my beloved japanese dollar store yet again. but!!!! tinker made me do it. it was our kids' weekly playdate, & she suggested we go there. you see, she had never been, & they are leaving in a few days (for 3 whole months! wretched abandoners), so really how could i not?

we had a lovely time poking through all the treasures, & reading the wonderful translations. i was glad to get to share one of my favorite shops with one of my favorite friends.

i didn't buy much; because a) we'd just been, & 2) i'm trying so hard not to bring in more clutter. i made sure that everything i chose was actually needed, or could be put to use. like this:

i collect white cafe-style kitchen items. this sweet little thing now sits happily on my counter, holding my daily pills & vitamins. i had been just plopping a day's portion onto a little saucer, but this is much more tidy.

i snagged 2 of these, & am already kicking myself for not getting more. we love the nets we use whilst camping, & recently decided we needed some for when we dine in the backyard. i honestly didn't think i'd like these when they were in their packaging (thought the ribbon would look tacky), but when opened they're rather pretty.

there may have been other items purchased yesterday, but i see no photographic evidence of such. do you?

have a lovely day!!!!

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