09 June 2009

excellent, with bad photos

in the frenzy of the challenge (getting rid of half we own) i nearly tossed this skirt:

i'd only worn it a few times in years i've owned it, so it clearly was a justified toss. however, i love the fabric, & the ribbon work. the hemline is just a little too stevie nicks for me.

so i made a deal with myself: if i altered the skirt within one week, i could keep it. easy peasy you are all thinking; but you forget that i can procrastinate like no other.

however, this time i did not procrastinate - this time i actually managed to do something within a normal amount of time. hurrah for me!

what makes me shake my head at myself, is how little time it took. i could have spent 5 minutes revamping this skirt ages ago.

the photos are both wretched, but the alteration was a success. i'm looking forward to wearing this skirt. um, once i've had my bebe of course.

challenge update: it's going very well. we spent the bulk of yesterday digging through the studio. manlyman moved my bookshelf out to the dining room, then took many boxes & bags to the donation center. ahh it's lovely to have a strong man around the belfry.
i can't do as much in a day as i'd like, so it's taking much longer than i thought it would. still - it is getting done! i'm surprised as all hell thrilled as can be.

have you revamped anything of late? sorted through, or rearranged things? i'd love to hear about it.

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