11 June 2009

they know me oh so well

in need of a few birthday prezzies, we drove out to the japanese dollar store the other day. i am proud to say that i behaved rather well, & did not buy tons of things i didn't need. apparently it's best for me to shop when in the midst of trying to get rid of half my belongings.

it was still rather difficult to resist all the goodies. it's as though they stock their shelves with me in mind. the bento section, the fun kitchen section, the art supplies, the office supplies, & more - all of it so interesting, & most with the terrible translations that i love so dearly.

my one luxury this outing; & also a ridiculous weakness of mine; was notebooks. i had to spend a goodly amount of time in that section, because one of the prezzie recipients is planning to be a writer when she's grown. how could we not get her an assortment of fun notebooks?

when thehobbit asked to have a few notebooks as well, i had to indulge him. after all, what kind of parent would deny their child paper on which to pen deep thoughts, & possibly great works of literature?

then of course i remembered that i too have literary aspirations & deep thoughts. not to mention: lists, directions, recipes, notes, etc - all of which require paper. so i bought myself a notebook or some.

this one is my favorite:

i love the card stock's texture, the vintage label look, & the fact that it is only 2x3 - small enough to keep in any purse. i'm not sure how i managed, but i only bought myself one. how i would have loved a shelf filled with these teeny books. (insert dramatic sigh here)

i must away to the fainting couch. i trust you can see yourself out?

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