25 March 2009

slowly she turns...

i seem to be finding my way back into the rhythm of life. i hadn't wanted to bore you to tears with the woes of my first trimester, but i can now tell you i got nothing done. the belfry, the farm, the everything - it all became overrun with weeds, & dustbunnies, & probably trolls.

the climb out of the queasyzombieness (real word) was rough at first - there was so much that needed my immediate attention. i'm happy to report that i am beginning to truly feel like myself again: hogwarts is back on track, the belfry is coming together, ideas for the shop are racing through my mind, & we (by we i mean manlyman; though i did supervise, & was in charge of the extension cord) mowed the farm out of the clutches of waist-high weeds & grass. huzzah!

we (again here we means manlyman; though i held the hose) even managed to move the blueberry bush into the farm's unused bed. it had been in the garden part of the backyard, & wasn't thriving.

there is yet so much to be done back there, but there really is no need to ruin a perfectly good huzzah by thinking about that. one thing at a time.

the next thing i have to do is start seeds. between odd weather, not doing much tending, & certain neighbor cats whom are not long for this world should i get my hands on them; there are many bare spots. we lost the chard, spinach, carrots, asian cabbage, some of the fennel, & one strawberry.
still, there is much that is thriving, especially the sugar snap peas! weather on our little hill is apparently suited for them. this year we are harvesting more than just our family can eat - thehobbit suggested we turn the whole far back into a sugar snap farm, & sell them. i must admit, that sounds like fun :-)
i'm off - babble at you soon!


Allyson Hill said...

wow, you're pregnant! congratulations! I do hope the new babe is as interesting as the hobbit, what a cracker he is! I love the photos you posted earlier of his marble run, I love his imagination!

kat said...

thank you so much allyson!!!

Carolyne said...

Congratulations! And your garden looks fantastic for you not having worked on it! I love your photos and I bet that orange blossom is so fragrant!

kat said...

thank you very much carolyne!

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