22 March 2009

in which window shopping turns into a rant

my mind has always raced from one thought to the next, jumping ahead faster than i could sometimes keep up. lately it takes all my concentration just to remained focused enough to finish a task. even then, i don't always manage.

today i sat down to look for clothing online (i have a gift card burning a hole in my pocket), but before i knew it i'd wandered to ebay to look at vintage clothing, then found myself looking at vintage maternity clothing, which led me to vintage baby items. i don't even think all of that took more than 10 minutes; clearly a record in ooh-look-something-shiny-dom.

but ooh look, something shiny!

i'm sure it is little more than lead paint on wheels, but it's so darn cute. i wish they made ride-ons like this still.

i would want this highchair even were i not knocked up! this one is way out of our price range, but it sure is pretty. seriously, look at those wheels. if i cannot control anything else, i am determined to have a wooden highchair. i'll have to look at it every day; & it will take up a good amount of space in the dining room; so dangit, i want it pretty!

why are baby things so ugly nowadays? when thehobbit was eensie we had absolutely no money. we happily accepted all hand-me-downs, & gifts for him. manlyman & i were more grateful than i can explain, but i am being honest when i say that the majority of it hurt my eyeballs. it was a mass of bright colors, characters, hideous patterns, & plastic.
it only takes a short walk down an aisle at a baby shop to see that the poor taste was not of our generous donors, but of those who make the strollers/highchairs/carseats/etc. it's all just foul; unless you can afford swank. does that make me sound bitchy or snobbish? i don't mean to be - i just want the things i live with every day to be pleasing to my eye.
i'm not even talking top of the line! i prefer things to cost as little as possible, & i love previously-used things. i just want it all pretty. i want a wooden highchair, a ride-on toy that is not plastic, a strollie that isn't navy blue with rainbow polka dots - & i want my bebe's clothes to be free from cartoon characters, no matter how classic they claim to be.
so as not to end on a negative nellie:
i'm happy that this go around we shall be able to purchase things for the bebe; not the antique highchair; but definitely one made of wood. i'm happy i have a sewing machine now, so i can make blankies (one already started), slings, & clothing. i'm happy i've since learned to knit, so can make beanies & washcloths. i'm also happy to now have generous friends who've already offered their swanky (non-ugly) hand-me-down strollies & the like. happy & grateful for it all.
i'm sorry to have lain the rant at your feet. i truly had not meant to do so when i began this post. it sure felt good though. i suppose one needs to let her bitch out every so often ;-)
** ps. did i tell you yet that the bebe is a boy? yup, we'll have an heir & a spare! **

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