19 March 2009

platform 9 3/4

we went with dear friends on a homeschool adventure yesterday - on the train!!! this trip took us a few hours up the coast, to the sleepy beach town of buena ventura. as usual, the mamas kids were beyond excited to ride on the train.

the entire day was magnificent, but the highlight for us all was the flea market across the road from the train station! we each came home with a bag filled with treasures (photos later).

here is a sampling of our day:

the train "station" in town. it was literally a platform with benches, alongside these tracks. the train to take us back home was delayed, but at least we had each other, & loads of butterflies to watch.

the beach there is so quiet; i imagine in part to it being off-season. the section we claimed as our own was very rocky. it made for great climbing, & of course rock-collecting.

main street was filled with gardens, little parks (parkettes?) & potted plants.

i love older buildings! this one was off the main drag, & looked onto a be-fountained courtyard.

the fountain in all it's post-st patty's glory. green dye & soap? all that foamy white just beneath the lower tier was just that - foam!

leading to & from the fountain were tiled channels. happily none of the kids fell in when walking atop their short walls. i want to see what these look like after a rain.

i feel so lucky to experience days like yesterday. homeschooling has brought us more adventures than i ever dreamed possible. today we're going to recuperate - wow is it tiring lugging a huge bebe-belly from here, to there, & back again!
have a lovely day :-)

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