21 March 2009

my favorite season

i simply adore spring! for me it brings the most perfect weather: warm sun, with crisp, chilly air, sweet with the smells of things just beginning to bloom. excellent for garden parties, nature walks, staring out at the ocean, picnics at the park...

unfortunately yesterday we spent the day celebrating the toilet, instead of the first day of spring. my poor hobbity boy was hit with some tummy woe. it was nothing major; & he's much improved today; but it did mean missing out on springtime fun, & not getting to see his best girl. so yes: today he not only is a slight pain in the arse, he also has one.

i'm sure that's vastly more than you ever wanted to know about thehobbit's tushy & its goings-on, but at least i didn't take photos ;-)

speaking of photos!

these are of the treasures i chatted about last time.

i have yet to put the linens away, because i cannot stop myself from fondling them. not that one would notice they are not where they should be - amid the mess that once was my lovely belfry. it actually may take all of springtime to get my spring cleaning done. sigh.

the necklace didn't photograph very well. it's hard to tell how delicate the teeny pressed flowers are, & i should have put in something to show size. the frame is actually fairly large for a necklace - about 2 inches tall. it's a little heavy as far as necklaces go, but i wore it all of thursday without noticing the weight. it's simply fabulous.

i cannot wait to use the tea spoon strainer thingy. pg brain is taking over my already swiss cheese brain - what in the world is the actual name of the spoon? anyone?

don't you love the little hinge? one other in my collection is very similar. unfortunately i've found that the older ones such as they do not work as well as new ones. they don't close as tightly, so loose bits get out as the tea steeps. it's worth it for how pretty the old spoons are though.

& that brings my allotted babble-time to a close. i would love to sit & chat with you all day, but i have one child asking me for a snuggle, & one treating my uterus like a bounce-house.


** i'm having blogger issues again. if the post shows up wonky, i apologize - blogger has it out for me **


Giulia Mauri said...

so cute!!!

kat said...

thank you :-)

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