09 March 2009

well before the dawn

that is what time it is right now. the sky is quite dark, & all feels still around me. mind you that dratted rooster on the next street keeps crowing, but he crows randomly through the day, so i don't think the sun is going to make an early appearance.

i couldn't sleep; bad dreams woke me, & wouldn't leave my mind. nightmares can be powerful things if thought on for too long. it's amazing how those little movies from our sleeping hours can affect us so deeply. usually i give in to dark thoughts, & spend the remainder of the night tossing & turning - not tonight however. tonight i decided it was much better to get out of bed, & refocus my mind; so that is what i'm doing here.

well technically it's no longer night. nearing on 6am; though still rather dark; it is well & truly morning. i suppose the feel of night is due to the recent changing of the clocks. my body (& the sky) thinks it's not yet 5am. that suits my sleepiness better, so we'll go with that time instead.

before thehobbit came along, i was an early morning person. i loved being up when it was still dark, loved watching the sun rise. when we lived in the canyons that lead to the beach, i worked the morning shift at a coffee house. we opened at 5am, so i had to be out the door freakishly early. manlyman being a night owl, couldn't believe how i managed, but i didn't mind. in fact, because of where we lived, i got to see many rabbits, raccoons, & coyote as i walked to my truck.

once a mama, my love of the early morning vanished. having to get up because some little creature insisted it was time, really honed in on my rebellious nature. oh you're telling me i have to get up this early? well then i definitely don't want to. the joke on me? that little creature never settled into normal waking patterns. for the past 11 years; no matter what time he's gone to bed; he has gotten up with the sun.

no longer a morning person, & unable most nights to stay awake as late as manlyman, i'm now the family's limbo-lander. i wonder what this new bebe is going to toss into the mix? perhaps he/she shall never outgrow the newborn stage of sleeping, & forever wake every 20 minutes!?!?! won't that be fun?

which are you? night owl, or morning person? curiously sleepy minds want to know.

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