13 March 2009

lost: one's marbles

after a full morning of working on homeschool projects, (yes i did procrastinate most some of yesterday's to-dos) thehobbit decided to set up a marble run on the dining table. apparently it was a big deal; requiring an audience, & microphone.

i usually stay away when he's deep in his imaginary world; so i don't ruin things with what he calls grownieupness; but i had to take some photos so daddy-o could see what goes on around here during work hours.

i sure do enjoy this little hobbity kid of mine! i sure hope the new one is just as interesting.


ps - did i tell you he's been taping labels to things around the house in spanish? a great way to learn vocabulary words, but it's hard to brush one's teeth with a paper note taped to one's brush.


asti said...

Oh, I LOVE that top photo, it's gorgeous, he's so immersed in it all :)

kat said...

thanks asti :-)

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