01 April 2009

peeps & toons

i hadn't meant to leave you all alone for so many days - how ever did you survive without me?! we had a mother-in-law visit, & some homeschooly things, & well, before i knew it time had slipped on by. if i offer you imaginary tea & sammiches will you forgive me?

the m-i-l visit had the belfry a bit stressed for the days leading up to it. thehobbit loves to see her, but she always brings him tons of prezzies. i know this would please most kids; it would have had me swoony as a child; but it makes thehobbit very uncomfortable.

as the days ticked past he became more & more agitated, constantly asking when she was going to be here, & if we would tell her not to bring him anything. by the morning of her arrival he was a wee basket case. i have to admit it was a bit comical; watching him watch the unloading of her jeep from the window.

a big box?! there are probably things for me in there. oh no another box, & a bag too! that is a prezzie sort of bag, i can tell. what are those things?!

his tone was a sort of whispered manic. yes i know i'm a dreadful mama for finding it funny. but really - there's nothing i can do to help him. we've explained over & over how some grammies express their love with prezzies, blah, blah, & so on. & really, we're talking about a grandmother here - we couldn't stop her with a train.

in case you're wondering: yup it was all prezzies, & most of it was for him. tons & tons of too much stuff he didn't need. he did fall in love with one though - a small, fuzzy wind-up chick that hops about in drunken circles. he named it peep. the next morning he & peep were snuggling with me, & said i wish all grammie had brought me was peep. will she ever understand?

i just hugged him closer.

absolutely unrelated to any of the above:

i drew cartoons, once upon a time. i cannot for the life of me recall why i stopped - but lately images have been popping into my mind. yesterday i dug out an old sketch book, & poked through its pages. above is one of my favorites. i never went over the cartoon with a thick pen, so you'll have to open the image to get a better view.
now i'm contemplating starting again; because, you know, i have just buckets of free time. i wish i could find the book with all the cartoons i did during thehobbit's first year. nothing says funny like the lives of 2 insanely overwhelmed, sleep-deprived new parents.
we'll see where this goes. it may be a passing whim, or i may actually take to drawing again. if it's the latter, i promise to share them with you. only - don't forget one of main rules here - no negative comments allowed! we at katsinthebelfry reserve the right to refuse (here, refuse means delete & ban) all negative comments about opinions, work, & random babblings.
& on that note, i'm off! i need to get that imaginary tea brewing.


Allyson Hill said...

You're making me want to draw cartoons! That would be a fun way to journal!

kat said...

do it! then let me see :-)

Anonymous said...

You should draw again. :)

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