12 March 2009

there's no place like home

do you ever have days where you just love being home? i'm having one of those, & a cup of soycreamy decaf coffee to boot! fortunately i'd planned on spending the day cleaning the belfry, catching up on homeschool projects, & tending the slightly neglected farm. not the most fun way to spend the afternoon, but at least i won't be out in the world, wishing i was tucked away in my little belfry.

there is still much to be done to make the home work better for our lifestyle; large storage pieces, slipcovers for the 2 queen anne armchairs, curtains for the rooms that 3 yrs later still have the ugly shades that came with the place; but i love it here.

this empty frame/sconce is on a wall in the bigroom. i had originally intended on putting in a mirror, but i never got around to it, then decided i liked it empty. the walls in this room are in desperate need of color - we are contemplating a soft oatmeal. by we are contemplating i mean that i am, & that manlyman knows he'll be the one doing the painting, so is hoping i'll decide to stick with white.

our bedroom is another i'd like to paint - don't tell manlyman though, he thinks it's just the one room currently in contemplation-mode.

that little purse hanging on the hook is made entirely of wood! i found it a few years back at a thrift shop, & fell in love. the cigar boxes used to store bits in my gramma's garage, & yes those are my quidditch goggles! (they're excellent when cooking over a campfire! no smoke to burn my dainty eyes, not to mention i look fabulous.)

the last room on today's tour is the kitchen. i want to keep the walls white, but the lower cabinets are stained - apparently we are wild when we cook, & splatter food all over the place.

the paint for this room is definitely going to be dark sage green. we've had the chip taped to one cabinet for 2 years now. we are not only messy chefs, we are excellent procrastinators. i'll be able to handle the cabinet painting - they are all lower ones, so no need for ladders & people with long arms.

the giant cauldron houses potatoes & onions. i wish it weren't plastic, but i imagine i couldn't lift a cast iron one of that size. we bought it for a hogwarts ball years ago, & i couldn't bring myself to pack it away with the hallowe'en decor.

& that brings today's babble post to a close. now that i've spent all this time talking about my house, i need to get off my arse & start cleaning it. thanks for visiting my belfry!


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