07 March 2009

all morning had been a bit off; child out of sorts, me brewing yet another cold, list of to-dos lengthening of their own accord. i assumed the whole day was doomed to be spent similarly. happily i was wrong.

i sat in a cozy chair with delilah (laptop liberated from manlyman's workplace), & immediately felt a peaceful calm wash over me. it was the most surreal feeling, coming out of nowhere like that. i just sat for a bit, immersing myself in it. i began to notice the warmth of the sun through the window, to smell the freshness of cut grass as rubelin rhythmically took the mower back & forth across her lawn, to hear the gentle sounds of thehobbit as he played quietly in the playroom, to feel the soft kicks of thebebe in my belly.

i have no idea what brought on this change of mood, of being. it arrived as randomly as did the offness of the previous few hours. i don't plan to waste the gift by trying to determine how it came about, i merely plan on enjoying it as long as it lasts.

my plan for this post had been vastly different from the above. the deep, introspective out of the way; let's get on to the fun: my addiction to love for the japanese dollar store!
i haven't gone since the last time i mentioned it; not that i haven't wanted to; i just have yet to share all the treasures from that day.

i bought these for a certain little birthday boy. the colored paper is a sturdy card stock, just perfect for a rambunctious 3yo artist. i had planned on sewing a tote, but when i saw this horrid, zippered pouch i could not resist! oooh that fabric is just terrible enough to be fantastic! i also tucked in a tin of beeswax crayons, to make this an excellent on-the-go art kit.

i'm not fond of plastic, but when i saw these trays i knew i had to have them. i bought 4 not knowing what i would do with them. in the few weeks since their purchase, we've used them for snacks, tea, corralling art & craft supplies, & even for holding used tissues during the last pestilence. they store easily in the drawer that houses placemats, & wipe clean with little effort. it's nice when an impulse purchase works out so wonderfully.

that's all for today. i'm off to make lunch for my wee boy - in typical hobbity fashion, he is starved unto the very brink! i wish you could see him. he is curled up in my chair's twin, watching a favorite show, with the most how i doth faint from lack of sustenance look on his face.

i hope you have a lovely, calm, peaceful day. or at least you get lunch before perishing ;-)

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