28 June 2011

unicorns & rainbows


can i just say how much i adore life with these boys of mine? when i was pregnant i felt sad that they would be so far apart in age. i felt as though we'd jipped them both of growing up with a sibling, as manlyman & i had. in time i realized that they had not been jipped. in fact, these are some lucky boys indeed. 

thehobbit adores his bebe brother, in a way that is part sibling, part parental. when elfling learns something new, or does something adorable, i see thehobbit reacting the same was as manlyman & i: with a joyful sort of pride. as if he too is responsible for the shaping of this tiny creature. which, i suppose, he is. an unexpected joy for thehobbit, is getting to relive the joys of his own childhood. just as he's tossing off the last remnants of that time, he is finding himself drawn to blocks, stacking boxes, giant legos, & hours spent singing goofy songs.

as for elfling? well what little guy wouldn't love having a third parent? elfling has one more person to comfort him, one more person to carry him, one more person to rock him to sleep, one more person to imitate, & one more person to love him beyond reason. even better than if thehobbit actually were an actual parent - he is still a kid, so vastly more fun to play with. 

please don't think i am saying it's all unicorns & rainbows. 13 year-olds don't like their artwork scribbled upon, nor their intricate lego contraptions broken. &, oddly enough, teens are not exceedingly fond of having toys tossed at their heads. for. no. reason. what. so. ever. 

life is not what i'd imagined it would be like, that's for sure. it is much better. mostly ;)

thanks for letting me gush.

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