23 June 2011

thursday things - summer reading


a few months back i began searching for books. i wanted to compile a summer reading list for thehobbit, but there was just too much from which to choose. each time i asked him what types of books he thought he might like to read, he'd just shrug his shoulders & mumble. helpful, no?

summer was nearly upon me - i decided it was time to start thinking katish. a theme!! you know how i love a good theme. the theme needed to be something that thehobbit enjoyed, that would inspire adventures, & that i wouldn't mind listening to him chatter on about all summer long. a girl has to know her limits. it didn't take long to come up with the perfect theme: steampunk!!

& so, dear one-&-only reader, i give to you the official kats in the belfry summer reading list of 2011 (henceforth known as s.r.l.):

airborn - k. oppel

skybreaker - k. oppel

starclimber - k. oppel

leviathan - s. westerfeld

behemoth - s. westerfeld

goliath - s. westerfeld

larklight - p. reeve

starcross - p. reeve

mothstorm - p. reeve

the cabinet of wonders - m. rutkoski

the celestial globe - m. rutkoski

this list is by no means complete; he is already well into the second novel. as more books of a steampunkish nature are discovered, they'll be added to the roster. my hope is that thehobbit will be inspired by what he reads, & take over the hunt for titles.

what about you? what books are your kids reading this summer? or you?


auntie soap said...

Nice list, I am going to have to check those out! Here we are deep into the Warrior series. It is all about cat clans. Anything by Cornelia Funke is also a go! Also tons of Manga...you know for a bit of light reading. Lucky for me the eldest child reads like maniac.

kat (kats in the belfry) said...

you're the second person to recommend that series! spooooky ;)

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