13 June 2011

the calling of the stones

one of the eleventy billion things i love about going the beach is treasure hunting. for thehobbit & me, the most coveted treasures are smooth stones. i don't know what it is that gets us so swoony over them, but there you have it. we even have a few large apothecary jars filled with stones brought back from our family vacations over the years. if you write the date & place on the stones, in permanent marker, you'll never forget which was gotten where.

thehobbit & i differ in our hunting styles. his stones are the result of stumbling upon them in the middle of some adventure or another - oh. hey. look, a stone. i take the hunt more seriously; walking, head down, intently searching for the stones.

my most favorites are the flat ones, excellent for stacking.

& those which have holes in them.

we limit what we take home, & never take from state beaches. a hobbity heart has been broken more than once over the latter, but i could not give in. i knew that once i allowed him to break the rule, he would never take it seriously again. (in california, you are not allowed to take things from state beaches.)

i am flabbergasted that it is beach season already. how did it ever become june so quickly? i wonder what new stones will call to us this year...


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