14 June 2011

thrifting show & tell - outerwear


do you see that lovely detail? the gorgeous buttons, set into the sweet little whateveritiscalled? swoon! this is the back of summer-weight coat i found on a recent thrifting adventure.

i love it so. it's romantic, yet practical. made from a thin, crisp cotton, i can toss this on when the marine layer rolls in, & not worry it will ruin. by the way, we are having a run of june gloom here, hence the poorly lit photos. sorry.

on yet another thrifting adventure, i discovered this velvety bit of gorgeousness:

ooh, indeed. the velvet is that fabulously soft, floppy sort. it gives the illusion that this is a vintage jacket - which it is not! i love when i find newish pieces that appear old. i get the look i love, without having to take extra care of the clothing.

again, sorry for the lack of light in the photos. in person this is a muddy-lime green. not usually a color i'm drawn to, but the combination of the floppy velvet, the vintage look, & the muddiness of the color won me over.

covered buttons! & to think, i put this jacket back on the rack, & walked away. you can imagine how happy i am that it was still there when i went back for it. 

thank you for joining me in this installment of thrifting show & tell. do you have any recent finds to share?

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