07 June 2011

sticky stickers which stick


elfling loves stickers. no. wait. let me clarify: elfling lovvvvvvvvvvves stickers. there was a time when we had a large collection of kiddie stickers. thehobbit loved stickers when dinky, but his was more of a must collect all the stickers i can & never stick them on anything thing. elfling is of a different bent. stickerly speaking, that is.

elflng could spend all day peeling & sticking stickers. should he run out of the stickers at hand, he would then spend the remainder of the day picking at the stickers, then re-sticking them. easily done with kiddie stickers, by the way. not so much with stickers intended to be used by adults. apparently people in offices want their stickers to stay stuck.

which brings me to the photos you see here today. the above is the letter s. obviously. what may not be obvious is that it is stuck to my dining room floor.

here we have the letter o. it is stuck to the interior of my dryer. as is the zero you see in the next photo.

nope. that is not another photo of o. that is, in fact, a zero. they are different, trust me. o 0 - see?

& here we have the number one, on concrete just outside my back porch. 

let this be a lesson to you: those sheets of letters & numbers from the office supply store? they are for use in offices. sticky little suckers.



rubelin said...

wanna borrow my goo-gone? =)

kat (kats in the belfry) said...

nope, but thanks for the offer :)

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