10 June 2011

those sneaky veggies

elfling's gorgeous 'new' utensils from this etsy shop!

thehobbit has never been finicky when it came to food. on the contrary, he was quite adventuresome from the start. i realize how lucky i am in this. however, elfling? he is an all together different kettle of fish. whilst i would not say he has serious food issues (he will try just about anything he sees us eating), he does have a stubborn streak. if he is not in the mood for xyz, which is more often of late, he will just not eat it. not that big a deal, as for the most part he is a healthy eater. but on days when he wants white rice, & only white rice? well, i've had to get sneaky. i thought i'd share a few sneaks with you.

to his rice i add:
* a sprinkling of nutritional yeast flakes. 
* a pinch of garlic powder. 

& either
* shredded zucchini (to the rice cooker, before turning it on)
* steamed, mashed cauliflower (added after cooking)

neither veggie is noticeable once the butter & yeast flakes are added, so he thinks he's getting just rice. i do add a pinch of salt & pepper, by the way, but he doesn't seem to mind the flavor. occasionally i'll add crumbled feta, though that's not really a sneak, as he's always in the mood for cheese.

both shredded zucchini & mashed cauliflower are excellent sneaks into mac 'n' cheese, by the way.

i've also had success with the following sneaks:

* into marinara: steamed (mashed) carrots, shredded zucchini, mushrooms pulverized in the food processor
* into mashed potatoes: steamed (mashed) cauliflower, shredded zucchini, finely shredded (sauteed) cabbage

things he loves, so i don't have to sneak:

* onto bread & butter: a thin layer of hummus
* he will eat scrambled eggs with anything added, so i have added most of the above at least once.
* ditto the last one, with baked sweet potatoes.

i doubt i am the only mama who has resorted to sneaking in veggies & other healthy things. i merely thought sharing what i have done might possibly help someone who has yet to think of doing such. the plus to all of this? the rest of us are eating more veggies. in fact, i now find white rice to be too plain without a steamed veg snuck in. & yes, i know we should be eating brown rice. manlyman & thehobbit do, & prefer it. elfling still has trouble with chewing though, so prefers the mushier white. personally, i think brown rice tastes foul.

hopefully i have helped at least one mama who is faced with food struggles. if you have had success at sneaking, post your tips in the comments! 


ps :: we are vegetarian, so making sure he gets things like hummus (protein), & nutritional yeast (b12) are important.

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