04 June 2011

the princeling of pestilence


my sweet elfling prince has been sick for a few days now. he has had bursts of energy  now & again, but mostly his play has been quiet. (note :: i detest that toy he's holding. it is the loudest piece of plastic. it is crapstic.)

i haven't been able to enjoy that quiet however, because i have been too busy feeling my heart break. would you just look at that teeny red nose? & oh my - those puffy eyes make me want to cry. sigh.

my hope is that by the time you are reading this, he'll be back to normal. i am not getting much time to myself right now, so am writing this post a day in advance. that makes my today your tomorrow, and your today my yesterday. or some such.


ps :: the crown he is wearing is one of my new smaller birthday crowns. whilst the regular ones can be adjusted to any head size, these new ones are scaled down for dinky heads. i'll get them in theshop... eventually.

pps :: that adorable shirt is by my sweet friend soap. i don't know if she has any in stock, but you can always ask her. here is the link.

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