29 June 2011

23 months & counting

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today elfling turned 23 months old. that means that in exactly one month he will be turning 2 years old, & i will be drinking heavily. when did my wee bebe get so big? how did this happen? whimper.

so anyway, the planning for his birthday bash has begun! when i said the word theme to manlyman he got a bit pale in the face, & leaned against the doorjamb for support. he even asked if we needed to choose a theme. some days i wonder why i married him. i explained that yes, we did, & walked away in a huff.

to be honest, i'm out of ideas. he's too young to appreciate most of what comes to mind, & i don't like much of what i'm finding online. a) i don't do cutesy, & 2) i'd rather do cutesy than cartoon characters. i shan't delve into my loathing for those. even when thehobbit asked for a harry potter party, i managed to turn it into a hogwarts one. it was a subtle difference, but a difference none-the-less.

back to things: i knew we'd host a bbq, so decided that the theme would be retro bbq. this way i don't have to stick with anything specific, with the exception of the retro bit. much less stress. plus, this way i get a theme, & manlyman gets the illusion of just a bbq.

i'm thinking none of the usual fancier grill food this time. it will all be old fashioned things: dogs & burgers (of the veggie sort), macaroni salad, deviled eggs, ice cream, watermelon, the works.

decor, games, & music would all be retro as well. i doubt i could convince everyone to dress retro, though that would be such fun if i could!

what do you think? any recipes, or other help you care to offer?



Anonymous said...

will you be inviting the Hughes family of San Diego? I love the retro theme... Will there be spiked lemonade for the grown ups?

kat (kats in the belfry) said...

you do realize that the anonymity of your comment is void when you write your last name :)

of course you're invited!!!

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