17 March 2010

walking in perfection

thehobbit came in from checking for ladybugs on our porch, to proclaim it a perfect morning for a walk.

i quickly dressed, found my camera & elfling's sunhat, & headed outside with my boys.

he was right! the air smelled of newly mowed grass, the only sound to be heard was that of birds singing, & the sun warmed our skin - perfect.

we walked, looked at flowers, searched for butterflies, & took photos of nature's beautiful creations.

as well as photos of my beautiful creation.

the warm air soon turned hot, & we were forced back indoors. i don't do well when the mercury is anywhere near hits 80. our walk was lovely while it lasted. perfect, in fact.

i hope your day is perfectly lovely.


EvesLittleEarthlings said...

A beautiful day here today too....

kat said...

oh i am glad to read that :)

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