05 March 2010

pencil pouch metamorphose

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last year i noticed that a lot of thehobbit's things had broken zippers. he's always been easy on his toys & clothes, so i wondered how long zippered items last with more rambunctious kids. this led me to start doodling new pencil pouches, sans zippers. i must be more persnickety than i thought, because it's taken me nearly a year to come up with a design i like. & no it isn't the one pictured here.

this is basically the idea; a large pouch that folds nearly in half; but with a few changes. i want it shorter by nearly 2 inches, the opening needs a bit of tweaking, & i've ordered wooden buttons. i love reusing buttons, but it's getting hard to find bigger buttons on things.

i tried a few different loops; ribbon, fabric, yarn, twine; but in the end i went with elastic. it's not as pretty, but i can create a smaller loop (to ensure the pouch will stay closed), & still have it be easy for little fingers to work.

as this pouch wasn't destined for theshop, i switched to a button from my 'for me' stash. i'll be using it in my diaper bag, in lieu of a purse.
the upside to the nearly year-long pouch make-over? it led me to finally coming up with a design for my inhaler pouch!!! stay tuned for those.
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