07 March 2010

shakespeare people of color


í've temporarily abandoned the pouch metamorphose due to frustration. i knew that once my thoughts went from tossing pouches at the wall, to tossing sewlie, it was time to focus elsewhere.

here is what i did last night instead of sewing: the latest batch of shakespeare people. you may recognise the one on the right. sunee has been around from the beginning; though this is her first time with the new head. next to her is my first blond, tuck.

the remainder are my newest people of color. i've done black dolls in the past, but they all sold before i had a chance to put them in the shop.

what do you think pippa is whispering? probably complaining that the new head makes her look fat.
please visit todays fabulous blog-a-thon-ers: banana bottoms & german dolls & curly monkey

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