26 March 2010

drawing of a blog-a-thon-y kind

i loved reading what your favorite springtime foods are. the comment that had me all a-giggle was atypical girl's cadbury cream eggs. to that i have to say, bock-meow bock-meow!

my 2 favorite veg were amongst those listed; asparagus & leeks. i love them best fresh off the grill. & to those who said ice cream, that is not a springtime food - that is an every day food. except today, for i haven't any! i know!!!

thanks to all of you for playing, i enjoyed it immensely. now on to the drawing! no hobbity top hat this time, i'm a week into dealing with a family-wide pestilence. instead we'll rely on the random number thingamajig.

Domestic Diva said...
Asparagus is my favorite springtime food too. Yum! It's especially good with fresh eggs.

congrats domestic diva! send your address to , & i'll send your prezzie! this is just too much fun.

next on the fun calendar, is the earth day fabulousness of the utmost kind!

okey doke, as much as i'd love to stay & babble at you all day, i've got snotty noses to wipe. blah.


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