28 March 2010

i, braggart


allow me to brag a moment. what you see above is a sweet/spicy veg & tofu stir-fry, on a bed of sticky white rice. doesn't it look amazingly delicious? i'm told it was - too many allergens for me. i can tell you though, that it smelled soooo darn good.

so why am i boasting about my stir-fry, you ask? well i am not. you see, this meal was made by thehobbit, with no help from anyone. no recipe either. he said he remembered what i put in mine, & just made it. ah-ha! so he does have the ability to pay attention. preteens (she wrote with an eye-roll); sorry, digressing.

anyway, thanks for letting me boast about my little chef. i am one proud mama to be sure.



Amy said...

Hmmm....I can't see the picture though. As a matter of fact, I can't see any of your pictures anymore. I wonder if it is a problem with my computer?

kat said...

i'm sorry amy. i wish i knew why that was.

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