13 March 2010

thursday things - on a saturday


property of thesassysparrow

i'm sorry for the delay; we had family in town, & then i had a day-long migraine. ha! that read as though i thought the migraine was the result of the familial visit. well now that you mention it... (only joking, it was lovely.) let's get right to things, shall we?

this week's thursday things was to be about my love of vintage utilitarian objects. i say was, because, as usual, i got distracted by all the gorgeousness on etsy, & before i knew what was happening, i was looking at shoes.

i started looking at old train cases, of which etsy has many. the one in the above picture caught my eye for it's simplicity. now to me, vintage means older than my parents. that case i would classify as retro-on-the-fringe-of-vintage. then i stumbled upon this:

property of saffroncoloredpony

oooh, indeed. still simple, but now we're back a bit in time. this case is what i would call vintage, with one toe in antique-ville. i'd also call it mine, but i doubt the seller would agree.

here is where i got distracted. something else in that shop lured me away, & 20 minutes later i found this:

property of timeechovintage

it's a man's coat, but i could see me wearing it anyway. i could see me wearing it to a garden party on the arm of johnny depp, but that's an altogether different distraction.

i wasn't in the clothing section long, before i came across the most perfect pair of shoes ever. as in: ever ever ever! they are gorgeous. they are my size. they - well, they are many things, none of them being mine. i just havent the funds right now. stupid hobbity teeth in need of orthodontia.

property of possumgully

a well, a girl can dream. which is just what i am off to do - about it all. wink, wink.
today's fabulous natural kids blog-a-thoners: harvest moon by hand & vit รก la kim



FairiesNest said...

I love this post...funny and yet full of wonderful items...good stuff!

germandolls said...

Such pretty things to look at here! Your blog is great!

Amy said...

I don't think it looks like a man's coat at all. When I saw the picture I thought it was a woman's coat. You are right, it is perfect, as are the shoes!

Asti said...

All drool worthy ! Hope your head is better now...?

kat said...

thanks all :)

asti, yes! turns out all my migraines were my eyes telling me i needed reading glasses. blah.

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