08 March 2010

it's nearly autumn, down under


this little guy is autumn. i was going to release one pagan people leading up to the corresponding season, or holiday. yesterday it occurred to me that not everyone is getting ready for spring to, well, spring. i hurriedly designed autumn, so you upside-downers would feel represented.

his hair is the color of an autumn leaf, & covered in sparkles. autumn wasn't dry when i took these photos, nor was he yet dressed - hence the close up shots only.
to be honest, i hadn't planned on males in this line of dolls, but my menfolk wouldn't have any of that. ah well, the goddess needs her manlyman too, i suppose ;)

i'll get him in theshop tomorrow - take a peek today though, because there are other new things to be found.
today's fabulous natural kids blogs: pin pon & woolies & birchleaf designs!

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