14 March 2010

blue is not just for boys


judging from the amount of blue blankets & clothing we were given when elfling was born, i think it fair to say that people think blue is for boys. why is that, do you think? why is it blue for boys, & pink for girls?
the thing is, when i think about all the friends, aunties, & grammies who gifted us with blueness, i am hard-pressed to picture any of them wearing pink. i know i rarely do wear it, & other than blue jeans, manlyman rarely wears blue.
how i see it: as soon as we are born, we're either pink for girls, or blue for boys. our clothing, our toys, our bedrooms - all pink or all blue. as we grow up we shed those restrictions, & begin surrounding ourselves with colors we actually like. by adulthood the majority of us rarely are drawn to the gender appropriate colors. this is especially true for women, though when was the last time you saw men off to work in baby blue suits?
you'd think that would be the end of the pink & blue ridiculousness; but it's not. you see, the same adults who discarded their colors, turn around & foist it upon the next generations of innocent babes. mamas, daddies, grandparents, etc - they are the designers & gifters of more pink & blue! why?! seriously people; i want to know why!
of course there are some brave souls who do not give in to this. some of us dress our children in brown, taupe, gray, white, & black even. i say we start a revolution! we say no more pink just for girls! no more blue just for boys! who is with me?!
of course i would go one step further, & say no more pink or blue!, but then i would have to explain the blue in the above photo. & speaking of the above photo, (how is that for a segue?) do you like my mini birthday bunting? if so, i have 2 for sale in theshop! perfect for your birthday boy or girl. heck, perfect for any old thing you're celebrating. or be like me - put it up for xmas & forget to take it down. yes, ours are still up. let's just pretend they are up purposely, shall we?
ok you're off to buy my bunting (that sounded a tad naughty), & i'm off to join the gigglefest happening in the other room.


Tiffany K. said...

Here's an interesting article on Pink v. Blue :)


kat said...

a fun read, thanks for sharing!

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