03 November 2009

new around the belfry

before we get to what's new, i want to thank everyone for the support from my last post. your comments & emails were much appreciated. i definitely have the kindest readers in all of blogland. probably the most intelligent & good looking as well :-)

i finally got around to photographing some of the new things i told you about. they aren't the best of photos, but considering i was balancing a squirmy bebe at the same time, i'm surprised they are even in focus.
this is lemondrop's freakytall dresser. it began its life as 2 dressers, but after grammie & thehobbit dragged them in off the street (a neighbor was getting rid of them), she suggested i remove the legs of 1, then stack them. well yeah!

it's much too contemporary for my taste, but i couldn't pass up free. plus it sits in their playroom, so it's not as though i need look at it constantly.

here we have the giant mirror - oh i cannot tell you how much i love this!

click on the photo to see it in all its shabby glory! i love, love love it. did i say that already? well i do. sadly the mirror is much too heavy to hang on our pathetic walls, so it needs to sit on the floor.

what is that reflected in my new mirror, mirror on the floor?! that would be the beautiful blanket that auntiepaper crocheted for my teeny bebe. i'm very picky about colors, preferring more dusty versions. i was thrilled to see that she chose the 1 shade of blue i actually like! it's like a dusty periwinkle. i'm not sure if i'm describing the color well, but there ya go. by the way; the blanket is so soft & cozy!

lastly we come to what is no longer around the belfry. at last thehobbit agreed to have his long hair cut off!

ok agreed may be the wrong word here. we actually did a bit of bartering: legos for hair. that's right, he got a new set of legos & i got a pile of hair. & yes, technically i bribed him. but! i phrased it in a way that didn't appear (to his 11yo self) as though he was being bribed. so far as he's concerned, we bartered. oh the cleverness of me ;-)

what's new with you?


asti said...

love ,love, love the mirror (we have pathetic walls too and have both large mirrors propped dodgily...).
I was going to mention the crochet blankie too....luvverly colours :)
Alas, the curls...lets see the haircut...

kat said...

you walls are pathetic also? truly we were meant to be friends :-)

i'm trying to snap a photo of the hair, but he's being pesky. (as usual)

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