05 November 2009

sleepless in los angeles

one of the problems that comes with thebebe's (supposed) allergy is sleep-related. during the day he takes catnaps, then wakes every 1-2 hours at night. before all the other symptoms arose, he was sleeping in 3-4 hour stretches; both days & nights. i'm told that once we fix the (supposed) allergy, his sleep will improve. in the meantime, we belfry people are utterly exhausted. especially the teeny elfling.

would you look at those sleepy eyes? poor thing. by the way: how is it a child can be even more beautiful when sleepy, but a mama just looks haggard? something is wrong in that.

daylight savings is exacerbating the whole shebang. no matter how early we go to bed; & we are going freakyearly; it's still painful to wake at 4. that would be 4 in the morning. for the day. whimper

manlyman keeps pestering me to take naps, but i've never been able. i do lie down with lemondrop though. actually i lie beneath him, as he sleeps on my chest. he hasn't been able to sleep on the bed, or in his moses basket in quite some time. my hope is that this too will change once the (supposed) allergies are seen to. it doesn't much help my sleep-deprivation, but i do get to poke around the internet whilst he naps. i consider that my therapy, which i find more valuable right now than catching up on lost sleep. so, yay :-)

& now i'm off. the sleepless elfling himself his screaming at me sweetly asking for milk. have a glorious day, & get some sleep, would ya?

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