13 November 2009

challenge katified (real word)

i gave it some thought, & figured out how strictly i'll be adhering to tif's rules for the challenge. i truly wish to succeed at this, so i've had to tweak things here & there.

* gift cards - i have a few gift cards, & didn't know if i would be able to use them during the challenge. it came to me that since the cards were gifts, i wouldn't be buying anything when using them; merely using my gifts. yup. that works for me.

* xmas - there is no way i can make things; what with the new bebe; there just isn't time. & whilst thehobbit would be happy, manlyman just doesn't love the world of vintage/used/antiques as i. there may be some things on etsy i can get them, but as thehobbit asked santa for legos, i'll need to shop amazon as well.

* underpinnings - i think we all agree on this exception.

* bebe items - i cannot think of anything we'll need (that we cannot get from a thrift or resale shop) but as a year is quite a long time, it's best to be safe. a bigger car seat! see? i have already realized a future need. clever me :-)

that about does it. i don't think i've tweaked too far from the original. now i just need to make sure i don't forget. or cheat. of course i could go insane from lack of shopping, & spend much too much money on something used.

photo :: found on ebay (lost the link to the owner's posting)

bebe does need a bath tub. i'm just sayin'.



rubelin said...

You don't need to go through Amazon, you can get your legos directly from Lego.com =)

kat said...


i did find something on etsy btw - lego soaps!!!!!

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