10 November 2009

a show, a challenge, & a month

just a few things to chat about:

* a show -- ocean charter's annual winter faire is nearly here. come see me (& the rest of the dragonfly artisans) on saturday, the 12th of december. i haven't a flyer to share with you yet, but until i do, you can find some of the details over there --->

* a challenge -- the utterly charming tif of dottie angel has decided to purchase nothing new for neither herself, nor her home for an entire year! so as not to embark on this journey of madness alone, she's asking others to join her. madness? a challenge i'm sure to fail? sign me up! i have to figure out details for my own version of the challenge still. such as: am i allowed to use my gift cards? what about items for the bebe? & so on. i'll let you know when i have.

* a month -- sew mama sew is running their annual handmade holidays through the month of november. i kept meaning to write about it, then promptly kept forgetting. i poked through the days already posted, & like the past 2 years, the entries are fabulous. i just hope i can find the time to make some of them. hahahaha. no wait. no hahahahahahaha. ok, how about this? i just hope i can find the time to save some of them in my files to make next year.

& that brings this post to an end. it's been lovely chatting with you, but it's time to make dinner. for the menfolk. i am still on the dreadful elimination diet from hell, so shall be eating air. yum indeed.


5orangepotatoes said...

hmmmmm, thinking about that challenge.......

Now to go and check out your shop.


kat said...

oh lisa, join the insanity! it will be fun. mostly ;-)

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