28 October 2009

the one where she gets serious...

it was brought to my attention (by more than 1 dear reader) that i'd a) not been posting nearly as much as i used to, & 2) that my posts seemed more chipper & fluffier than usual. people were concerned i was depressed & trying to hide it, or that something was dreadfully wrong with me.

i'm sorry to have worried some. the lack of posting has only to do with a certain wee person (& i'm not naming names) who hasn't been sleeping well of late. it's leaving me quite zombificated (real word) during the day. the other? well it's true, i have been purposely fluffy.

you see, i'm not always sure where to draw the line. what is too personal for my little corner of blogland? so instead of figuring out a way to share more serious things, i sometimes get a bit silly, & superficial.

because a few people were kind enough to have concern for me, i shall try to explain what's going on:

my mom has been ill for most of the year; in & out of the hospital with various things. it looked as though things were finally going well for her when they discovered tumors - inoperable, stage 4 lung cancer.

she began chemo to slow the cancer's progress, & allow her a bit more time. the chemo has been utterly brutal on her already frail body, bringing her to the decision that if the scans from the first round of chemo showed no slowing, she would stop all together.

well the results came back yesterday, & they found that instead of slowing, the tumors had actually shrunk! this wasn't even something the doctors were hoping for, let alone expected to happen.

my mom's morale has gone through the proverbial roof, & my hope is that it is just enough to help her fight through the pain & sickness the chemo is causing. maybe even enough to help her beat the unbeatable.

so there you have it. in the past few months i shattered my no photos of faces rule, & now i've erased drawings of lines. thank you to those who those of you who contacted me. screw the rest of you - heehee, only joking - thanks to you as well for just being here, & reading.



asti said...

Hugs to you Kat ((((0)))). I have my fingers crossed for your Mum. Hang on in and sod the blog if you don't feel like it sometimes. Real life is way more important.
Asti xx

kat said...

thanks asti love, for both your words & the hug.

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