03 November 2009

woe & reviews

something is messing with my wee boy! the doc suspects a food allergy, so currently i am on an elimination diet. also known as torturous hell. today is day 5 (of 21), & i'm ready to slit my wrists. seriously. well not actually seriously, but seriously.

as a vegetarian, there isn't much left to eat when i cannot have eggs, soy, wheat, corn, & dairy. at first i thought it wouldn't be too big a deal, but there is soy, wheat, & corn in nearly everything! basically i've been living on rice & veggies during the day, & dreaming of sammiches & milkshakes at night.

i bought a few things the other day to help me get through the next few weeks, & thought i'd share my thoughts with you.

* enjoy life's double chocolate brownie cookies - these cookies are ok.

i wouldn't choose them over regular cookies, but they weren't bad. i sort of ate the entire box in 3 days, so need to get more. i'll try the other varieties too. i know there was a chocolate chip, but can't recall what else.

*so delicious' coconut creamer (no photo or link) - this comes in vanilla, hazelnut, & regular. i tried the flavored ones & didn't like either. the creamer has a tang to it that doesn't taste good (to me) in coffee. it wasn't as bad in iced coffee, but i wouldn't buy it again. i have 4 containers, so am going to use the vanillas in fruit smoothies, & freeze the hazelnuts in ice cube trays. i'm not sure what to do with them yet.

that's all for now. as i try other products & recipes, i'll let you know.

*edited to say :: i gave the vanilla coconut creamer another try, & decided it wasn't totally dreadful. i did have to make a stronger cup of decaf to do away with the tang of the creamer. i also added cinnamon to make certain.


Anonymous said...

Have you cruised the aisles of an Indian grocery yet? They usually have a selection of things made with chickpea flour. LMK if you want me to go shopping & I can get it to you :-) Do you eat bhel puri? When it was over 100F, that was my cool and spicy comfort food.
All the best,

kat said...

i haven't. the other night when we picked up food before coming to you, i hadn't time to cruise the aisles.
i want to see if they carry frozen or canned jackfruit, so will go soon.

Anonymous said...

Also maybe the japanese groceries, especially if chickpeas are a problem. For take-out the Cuban place down the street might work (yucca and plantain with black beans and rice - yum!).

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