17 November 2009

piggies in the belfry

sorry i've not been posting -- the dreaded swine flu has hit the belfry. so far i've had it mild; so the doc tells me; i just hope it stays that way. it looks like the little belfries have it now --prayers/thoughts would be appreciated.

on a vastly more happy note:

image :: via craftzine

~ peace.


Asti said...

Hope you all feel better soon. I've had it and it's pretty awful :(
As for the pic...OMG !

~Phoenix~ said...

they say that fruits and veggies resemble the body parts they effect, was this an illustration of that or just for fun?

Wishing you all better soon...with love

kat said...

thanks asti. i'm sorry you had this. blech.

thanks oddie. it is the vegetarian society's advert.

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