24 November 2009

room with a view

i am ever so bored. people haven't been coming by to entertain visit me. something about us being contagious with a nasty pestilence, blah, blah, blah. whatever.

i am also sick of being in my bedroom. i do venture into other parts of the belfry, but i tire so easily, so predominantly we're in here. it's just easier, what with the beds, the tv, the laptop - ya know?

we're fairly certain everyone is on the mend, so i'm giving thehobbit a bit more freedom. he was sick of having to stay in bed, & i don't blame him. today he celebrated his freedom by making a fort between/beneath the beds, & playing tetris on the floor. wild thing ;-)

one good thing about my bedroom is lying on the bed, & looking at this:

he's been very into his toys of late. at first it was just sammy, his monkey rattle from here, & his giraffe teether; but the other day he discovered his ball. ooooh how he loves it!

i wish you could see this ball in person, it is truly a work of art. his very talented auntie-b felted it. would you just look at the moon! (& the beautiful bebe.)

turn it around, & you find the sun! (& again the beautiful bebe.)

hidden deep within is a jingle bell; which delights my boy to no end.
so as bored as i am, (did i mention i am ever so bored?) at least i have beauty to feast my eyes upon. quite a view indeed.
what about you? what beauty has caught your eye lately?


rubelin said...

oooh, I covet that ball! and the wee babe, too ;-) So glad you're all on the mend.

kat said...

thanks. it's been a royal pain in the arse. (as you know from my phone complaints.)

covet all you want, neighbor-lady, you are getting neither ball nor bebe ;-)

Anonymous said...

I recognize that rocket on his tummy!

kat said...

tinker ~ it's getting too small :-(

maltagirl said...

he looks so handsome in his rocket shirt. Give me a size update and I will make him a new one:) that ball is gorgeous!

kat said...

who am i to turn down a prezzie?
he's currently in 3-6 months. thanks soap!

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